Linda Bradford Raschke

Linda Bradford Raschke is a world renowned trader with a top-notch record spanning almost four decades. « Trading one day at a time… »

Trading Sardines

Lessons in the Markets from a Lifelong Trader

Trading Sardines is not just a spirited book on trading, it’s a Ph.D in market experience summed up in 315 entertaining pages.

Linda Bradford Raschke

Linda Bradford Raschke (born 1959) is an American trader, investor and hedge fund manager. She held memberships on the Pacific Stock Exchange and the Philadelphia Stock Exchange in the early eighties before founding LBRGRoup, a CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor).

She started several successful hedge funds, both onshore and offshore, and rose to the top of the ranks in hedge fund performance. She is mentioned in many trading books, including Jack Schwager’s New Market Wizards. She lives in Florida and Illinois with her husband Damon, and her horses, where she continues to actively trade and invest.

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The recipe to my secret sauce while you laugh your head off

Market Experience

A PhD in market experience summed up in 315 entertaining pages!


Lessons from 38 years of spirited trading


How to pull yourself up by the bootstraps one more time even if it kills you


Trading Sardines celebrates grit and resilience in the financial markets. It is a hilarious, honest, and poignant account of the evolution of a professional trader over nearly four decades. From the raucous trading floors of the early eighties to the days of giant server racks thirty years later, the reader takes a chronological trip through the markets, trading strategies, and unimaginable events, watching how one woman responds with unblinking honesty.

Linda Raschke shares a lifetime of market lessons while highlighting the tension between luck, risk, and passion. Along the way, she shows that perseverance can overcome the most inconceivable challenges, both in life and in trading. Her stories, documented with charts and photos, will keep you captivated and prove that humor may just be the key ingredient for survival. You won’t hear these types of tales anywhere else–this is the REAL world of trading.

This book will motivate every trader, no matter the level of proficiency and experience. Linda’s success is testimony that you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to stay in the game.

Trading Sardines

This book is printed by Thomson Reuters on the highest quality paper with a linen finish clothbound hardcover and glossy dust jacket. It weighs OVER 1 1/2 pounds.

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« I have been an active investor for over 45 years; successfully for about 20 years.  I have often read about the giants in the trading industry and am amazed at the ones who lasted more than just a few years.  Linda Bradford Raschke is in that small group of long-time successful traders.  Along with names like Paul Tudor Jones, Richard Dennis, Peter Brandt, she has earned her place in this elite list.  This is a book you cannot put down until you are finished; she shares many trading stories and her writing style will keep you laughing and entertained.  This is a must read for anyone who trades or invests.

Gregory L Morris

Author - Investing with the trend

“Salty, earthy, filled with words of wisdom. Trading Sardines is a wonderful biographical sketch of a female pioneer in the male-dominated trading pits. Sardines traces Linda’s outstanding and successful journey as an equities and futures trader from LA to San Francisco to New Jersey to Florida to Chicago. This book shares more one-liners of wisdom – and in a hilarious fashion – than any trading book I have read. After reading Sardines readers will fully understand why Raschke was featured in the Market Wizards series. I highly recommend this wonderful human interest story of a trader I have long admired and considered a friend. » also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Peter Brandt

« I’m buying copies of this book for my friends…it is choc full of wit, wisdom and practical trading advice. In recent years trading books have become so damn boring and redundant; not this one! Linda’s frank and to the point writing style is refreshing, her stories some of the best on Wall Street. You want to know how this business really works? She answers it with a slap in the face to “wall street crowd”. Seldom do we get books that are so pithy, ladled with humor and great market advice.”

Larry Williams